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Fri, Jun


The first and only woman in the world to be awarded the title of Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do (Quán Khí Đạo or the Way of Vital Energy) in Great Britain is from Romania.


No matter how many hours one spends and how much discipline is required in order to learn the violin, the beauty of being a musician makes one forget how difficult it is to get to the top. 

Concert violinist Remus Azoitei is the youngest violin teacher in the history of the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The British magazine Strad referred to him as "an incurable virtuoso with a fabulous soul and technique".

Remus Azoitei played for the first time at the age of eight with the Symphony Orchestra of Galati, the Romanian city where he was born.  At the moment, he teaches violin at the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 2007 he became one of the founding members of The George Enescu Society in London, acting as artistic director. He plays a Niccolo Gagliano violin that was made in 1753.   

Read this interview in Romanian: Remus Azoiței, o viață dedicată muzicii