Guides - Foreigners In The UK
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QUESTION: My daughter entered the UK as a dependent on my ancestry visa. She applied for ILR at the same time as me but being over 18 years, submitted her own application. This was done and received before the ancestry visa expired on 26th October 2011.
She has now been given a conditional offer to study full-time at a UK university starting in September 2012. However, we have not yet received any of our passports back form UKBA and the university needs to know her immigration status before a confirmed offer can be made. We also need this information in order to know if we can apply for Student Finance.
We have recently called the UKBA Liverpool office and have been informed that the decisions are pending. What is she supposed to do in the interim – Student Finance applications need to be in by 31st May.

QUESTION: I posted my completed Post-study work visa application form to the UKBA by recorded mail on the 15th of March 2012.

As I could see from my bank statement, the fee for the application i.e., 594 pounds, were deducted from my account on the 28th of March 2012.

Now the issue is that I have not yet received the biometric enrollment. It is already more than a month since the submission of the form. Besides, there has also not been sent any acknowledgement letter. Kindly help me what I should do in this matter? I am very concerned.


QUESTION: I am a Romanian national, doing an MSc in Supply Chain Management in the UK. 

Unfortunately my Residence Permit (Yellow Card) application has been refused because I did not provide a proper sickness insurance. Although I have provided fresh evidence to be taken into consideration, it takes too long to get a reply from the UK BA.

As I am financing myself, I would need to find a way to earn a living in the UK.

My kind request is if you could advise on how I could work as self employed.