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Fri, Jun

QUESTION: I posted my completed Post-study work visa application form to the UKBA by recorded mail on the 15th of March 2012.

As I could see from my bank statement, the fee for the application i.e., 594 pounds, were deducted from my account on the 28th of March 2012.

Now the issue is that I have not yet received the biometric enrollment. It is already more than a month since the submission of the form. Besides, there has also not been sent any acknowledgement letter. Kindly help me what I should do in this matter? I am very concerned.


QUESTION: I am a Romanian national, doing an MSc in Supply Chain Management in the UK. 

Unfortunately my Residence Permit (Yellow Card) application has been refused because I did not provide a proper sickness insurance. Although I have provided fresh evidence to be taken into consideration, it takes too long to get a reply from the UK BA.

As I am financing myself, I would need to find a way to earn a living in the UK.

My kind request is if you could advise on how I could work as self employed.