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QUESTION: I have applied for a settlement visa application 3 weeks ago in Nigeria. I married my wife a year ago in the UK on an (overstayed) visit visa. When I got back to Nigeria to do my spouse visa application, we found out she was pregnant with our first child. It would be devastating to be refused or delayed to go support my wife through the pregnancy and birth period!


QUESTION: I am here in UK with my family on visit visa. My wife and a daughter are British nationals. We both are lawyers by profession.

We married in Kenya. We applied for my daughter’s (13 months old) passport from Nairobi. When we reached the UK, we found out that my wife was two months pregnant and unfortunately fell down from the stairs. Obviously I can't leave my wife in this critical condition. Her pregnancy is really very critical.

Is it possible for me to apply for a spouse visa in the UK under critical conditions? If yes, what are my chances to win my case here under discretionary leave? How long it takes after applying?

QUESTION: I recently got married and my wife is to get her first Pakistani passport. I just need to know..... is it a good idea to change her surname to mine? She used her maiden name until now.
Is it mandatory for a woman to adopt her husband name or not? Would it create any problem for her spouse visa application at the British Embassy in Pakistan?


Dear Reader,

In law there is nothing to say that your wife cannot use her maiden name. By keeping her name as it is, it may be easier for her when she makes an application for entry clearance. Once she has sorted out application and is the UK then she may look to change her name to yours.

Just remember that legally it makes no difference.

Hope this helps.

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10 January 2012


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Dear Foreigners in UK,

I am fighting to bring my daughter here to the UK with me. She is only 7 years old and she used to live with her daddy before I left Bangladesh. 

Now her father left her and she is sick. She is suffering in Bangladesh, but UK immigration officials just don't want to understand. I need help. I need to save my daughter's life before she dies.

I got Indefinite Leave to Remain in 2010 and my two other kids have British citizenship.