Guides - Foreigners In The UK
Fri, Jun

QUESTION: I am a European national living and working in the UK. I am trying to bring my boyfriend to live with me here from Indonesia, but, considering the tough stance of UKBA, I was wondering what was the best option: to get him in through a fiance visa (and in that case would he be able to work in the UK) or should I try to get him a visa in my home country and then move to the UK through Schengen (again, would he be able to work in the UK on a European visa)?

QUESTION: I want to know whether I am able to apply for discretionary leave to remain. I am from Nigeria, came here on a student visa in 2006 after being removed/deported from the country in 2005. I have completed my studies, given 2 years post study which has expired, had a partner and now a daughter who were given discretional leave this year, lost my first daughter to still birth 2years ago.