Family Removals Exhibition at London South Bank University

It draws attention to the unacceptability of Jimmy’s Mubenga’s death

The 100 Mothers Movement will hold an art exhibition called “Family Removals” on 29th March 2011 to raise awareness, educate and inform about family removals and to draw attention to the unacceptability of Jimmy’s Mubenga’s death.

Jimmy died on 12th October 2010, whilst being restrained by three immigration escort guards. He was an asylum seeker. His death took place on a British Airways commercial flight as he was being deported to his native Angola, a country that he had fled 14 years earlier after facing persecution for his political activism.
Jimmy died a very public death, yet despite his cries for help with his body contorted under restraint, he died very much alone. “Few of us will ever experience or can even imagine Jimmy’s fate. Our premise is that too few of us care, precisely because of the ‘type’ of person that Jimmy was,” 100 Mothers Movement said.

“The plight and maltreatment of those seeking sanctuary is an issue in which this country places little to no regard. Asylum seekers, whose position is already held together by uncertainty, are exposed to the violent experiences deeply entrenched within the detention system. Marginalized, they are made even more vulnerable when they are targeted for vilification by the national media and their treatment goes unreported.”
Through the exhibition, the 100 Mothers Movement intends to create empathy towards the inhumane treatment for those suffering within the asylum and detention system.
In 2008 the dossier, ‘Outsourcing Abuse’ was published, which was perhaps the most damning indictment of the failings of the detention system to date. The artwork featured in this report has been very graciously donated for the 100 Mothers Movement’s use.
The Movement is also extending an invitation to experts from the field of immigration and detention to deliver short lectures that bring awareness to the realities that take place behind closed doors.

Family Removals Arts Exhibition
Date: Tuesday 29th March 2011
Venue: London Southbank University (London Road Building)
Closest Tube: Elephant & Castle
Time: 5pm – 9pm
For further information please contact 07932849429

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