To the End of the Road – New movie puts spotlight on immigration officers’ brutality

A new film narrating a gripping story about life in the UK as a first generation immigrant family is set for release this month.

“To the End of the Road” directed by Gibson Tawanda Chimuzinga, is a film that will provoke serious debates and reflections not only on how immigration officials in the UK use their powers, but also on their attitudes towards asylum seekers and immigrants.

A young woman, Yolandra is blighted by the ill effects of her mum, Sarah’s life which was savagely wrecked by her selfish Civil Servant lover (Dave) who used her after falsely promising her a better life.

“To the End of the Road” brings to the fore the epitome of human betrayal, abuse and survival and heart stopping action.

Mr. Chimuzinga says his experiences as an immigrant inspired him to write the movie’s script. “I made this film because I wanted to offer fresh insights into the lives and struggles some people face to adapt and gain settlement within a foreign country. I equally wanted others to realize that they can be faced with a life of hardship while trying to survive as an immigrant in a foreign land. Immigration is quite a universal topic always gracing the newspaper front pages, TV news headlines, and also in current affairs discussions,” he says.

Mr. Chimuzinga is an upcoming filmmaker who has worked on various productions over the years. Some of his productions have been televised in the UK.

Born in Zimbabwe, Mr. Chimuzinga came to the UK in 1999 for further studies.

Both experienced and first time actors and actresses are featured in the movie. “They all did a fantastic job, were fun to work with and I cannot thank them enough,” Mr. Chimuzinga says.

Being a low budget film, the producers met so many obstacles.  “I had to get permission from various organizations and authorities in matters such as acquiring and using props like police equipment and border force uniforms,” Mr. Chimuzinga says. “Locations were also difficult to obtain as most were very expensive and out of budget. Other locations were made available at times that were not convenient or ideal to fit in with the planned scenes. Sometimes I was short of manpower, and therefore had to multi-task in order to archive my targets and stay on schedule.”

Mr. Chimuzinga however makes it clear that he never let the obstacles compromise the high standard and quality of this production.

Lorraine Fox, the Producer of “To the End of the Road” who also stars in the movie is so excited about the final product. “It seemed impossible at times but God was always faithful,” she says.

Ms. Fox is an emerging Zimbabwean star to watch out for. She has shown versatility and ability to execute the demands of any role, scene or genre.

This young and passionate Movie Producer is the first Female Action Star to come out of Zimbabwe.

Commenting on how she felt while playing Yolandra in “To the End of the Road”, Ms. Fox says: “It was one of the best experiences I have ever had working on a film. This movie has taught me everything I will ever need to progress in my acting career.”

She describes Mr. Tawanda, the Movie Director as “a very authentic person, one of the most creative directors I have ever worked with. He kept calm throughout the whole shoot and made everyone feel at ease.”

As the Producer of “To the End of the Road”, Ms. Fox says “I believed in this movie so much even when I was told no, I kept trying and after seeing the rough cut of the movie it was even more tremendously rewarding.”

It is truly encouraging to see young Africans in the Diaspora invest their human and material resources in such an exceptional film. The best way of encouraging such creative people is by showing up at the premiere of the movie, at all the cinemas where the movie will be showing and by buying the DVD when it will be released.

“To the End of the Road” will be premiered on 29th September 2012. The red carpet event will be held at Showcase Cinema in Coventry, from 18:00.

Tickets which go for £15 can be obtained by calling any of the following numbers: Danai – 07508 033404; Jackie – 07501 186831; Ashley – 07957 446864; and Lloyd – 07824 393629. Tickets can also be obtained by logging on to

“To the End of the Road” is released by GMC Pictures in Association with GRC Imagery.

Producer: 07503314413
Marketing: 07957446864
E-mail: [email protected]

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a


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