Besh o droM, a blend of Balkan, Gypsy, Arabian and Jewish musical traditions


Besh o droM, a band formed in Hungary in 1999, draws it’s inspiration from the traditional folk music of Balkan, Gipsy, Jewish and Arabian culture.

Its diverse members have acquired higher education in classical, jazz and traditional music, in Hungary and abroad and blended this knowledge with the tradition of middle and eastern European and Gypsy music.

Traditional instruments, such as gypsy water cans, bagpipes, cymbals or tárogató, are used in performances alongside contemporary ones, creating an outstanding production of worldmusic.

Their music is playful and serious, funny and touching, acoustic and electronic, authentic and urban, Eastern and Western at the same time.

The name Besh o droM means ‘ride the road’ – just like horses, they add – in lovari (gypsy) dialect.

They have performed together in folk, rock, world music and jazz festival all over the world; appeared in renown Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó’s film Last Supper At The Grey Horse, 2000; and composed and performed original scores for theatrical and television productions.

Check out their website to have more samples of their cheerful and soulful music:

Besh o droM website








by Federica Gaida



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