Jeet Chahil releases new single “Gulabi Suit”

Jeet Chahil has released a new single titled “Gulabi Suit”.

Jeet, who is best known for his single “Dance” produced by Dr Zeus, brings something new to the game every time.

“Gulabi Suit” is set to be an easy listening track to make you smile and sing along to, the lyrics have no need to be complicated and it’s as simple as “Are You a Gulabi Suit Wali?” if so “Hor Nacha Le”!

Jeet has been a keen follower of the Bhangra industry from a young age, influenced by the legends Alaap and most recently DCS.

Jeet has brought his own take on Bhangra to perform to all his fans. You hear this in the vocals to seeing this in his music videos.

Jeet has been working with Dr Zeus so far who has invented some great Zeus accredited productions, which Jeet has been able to put his creative stamp on.

He has revealed that he is going to be working on further projects with Zeus and other producers in the year 2013 to make sure his album gives a mixture of sounds for his fans.

So what exactly is next? Jeet promises the album will feature his last couple of releases along with some under wraps collaborations in 2013.

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