Asylum seekers are vulnerable, don’t deny them legal aid

They are struggling to emerge from oppressive conditions back home

12th July 2011: Asylum seekers are the most vulnerable people, don’t deny them legal aid.
While no one can deny the filing of bogus asylum claims by so many refugees, the reality remains there are hundreds of asylum seekers fleecing persecution; those who stand the danger of losing their lives upon return. They need legal aid, lest they go unrepresented and find themselves on the flight to disaster and danger.    
It is now fast becoming apparent that the government’s decision to cut by 10 per cent legal aid fees for them is proving to be counter-productive.

Representing individuals and families seeking political refuge, the Immigration Advisory Service, IAS in a statement has made it clear that it is unable to continue with its operations after legal aid fees for asylum seekers were cut by 10 per cent.

The news is not good. For the asylum seekers have already been left in a lurch with the closure of the Refugee and Migrant Justice last year.


They are currently struggling to emerge from the oppressive conditions they have lived in all these years. They are, in fact, trying to rebuild lives for themselves and their families in strange and foreign lands. They need good quality legal representation. It’s high time the powers that be spared a thought for the plight of the poor asylum seekers are restore the original legal fee structure.


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