Don’t drown Malmstrom’s call for more migrants under din of anti-immigration slogans

Call to welcome more immigrants underscores their contribution to economy 22nd July 2011: In their call to Britain to welcome more immigrants, the Eurocrats have underscored what has been talked about and acknowledged all along — the importance of the immigrants to the economy.
The foreigners bring along with them skills that may not be too readily available, besides being tough and time consuming for the natives to adapt and learn.

Of course, they fill in the gaps. This is not all. Even the contribution of the not-so-skilled labour force from abroad in the UK cannot be undermined. They do the work the natives simply are not unwilling to take.
European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom has asserted that immigration and visa-free travel are essential to boost economic fortunes; and has called upon the member states to welcome more immigrants to help deal with not only skills shortages, an ageing population, but also a declining workforce.

Her assertion says it all. It brings out a real and a realistic picture. Most EU countries are experiencing trouble with skill shortages and raising a strong workforce. Under these circumstances to oppose immigration merely because of the colour of the skin, or the place of birth, may not be the correct approach.

It is often argued that the `outsiders’ are taking away the jobs. If they can cross the seas in search of greener pastures and find them, what is preventing the locals to get a job?

The answer may be hard to digest, but it cannot be denied that lazy or incapable Britons  have made way for the migrant workers
Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith only recently said it was not in good taste that 70 per cent of the four million jobs created since 1997 had gone to immigrants because British people were not capable or able to do them.

Elaborating, Smith said nearly three million newly created jobs have been taken by immigrants since 1997.  

Britain must not drown Malmstrom call under the din of anti-immigration slogans. For listening to her is in the national interest.  


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