Don’t fudge figures to target migrants

Give them a fair share 

19th August 2011:
At receiving end almost always, the migrants have much too often been blamed for social problems; and even economic troubles that the UK is currently facing.
Right from the issue of unemployment to the allegations of taking the council houses away from the natives, they have always been subjected to criticism.

More often than not, uncalled for and unsubstantiated allegations are leveled against the migrants to project them in bad light and to build up a case against immigration. And then surveys are conducted to show people actually do not want immigration.

As of now, the feasibility of figures being exaggerated to target the immigrants cannot be ruled out.     

Pressure group Migration Watch UK only this week said 45 council homes need to be set up daily to accommodate the immigrants. Migration Watch UK, in fact, calculated foreign nationals currently occupy 8.4 per cent of social housing.

It now come out the that the group may not be right after all; and the correct figure is 6.1 per cent. To make the matters worse, the Daily Star went a step ahead and interpreted the figure to “nearly 10 per cent”.

All this indicates the existence of a systematic scheme to downgrade and degrade the immigrants; and to pull from under their feet a level playing field.

Provide the people with the true picture, so that they can judge for themselves whether immigration is bad for them, the economy, the society and the country.

It’s high time organisations and media abstain from fudging and exaggerating the figures in pursuance of an agenda, which may not be too honourable.     


By Monika

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