Don’t join the Metropolitan Police, say black officers

Black and ethnic minority police recruits will boycott the Metropolitan Police because of its "hostile and racist" atmosphere

06 October 2008. The Metropolitan Black Police Association have told all potential applicants to join other forces as a damaging race row at Scotland Yard deepens.

A spokesman blamed the "current management" at the Met for creating a "hostile atmosphere where racism is allowed to spread and those who challenge it are either suspended, told to shut up or subtly held back in relation to career development".

The move comes after Tarique Ghaffur, Britain’s most senior Asian police officer, was put on gardening leave for the public manner in which he launched a race claim against Sir Ian Blair in August.
Meanwhile sources said that Ali Dizaei, a Met commander who has been suspended while three disciplinary claims are investigated, is preparing to sue the Met for alleged discrimination if he is cleared.

A spokesman for the MBPA said: "We would be failing our duty as an association if we did not share our current experiences with those who want to join the Met.
"The boycott and our active discouragement will continue during Black History Month and beyond until the Met leadership and the Metropolitan Police Authority convince us that they care about race and equality for its workforce and the people of London."

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