Government closing doors on economic prosperity by keeping foreigners out

UK will lose its sheen for foreign workers, with new curbs in place 3rd October 2011: The Government is closing doors on economic prosperity by keeping the foreigners out.
Even before the Government realises, the UK will lose its sheen for the foreign workers; and the greener pastures will soon turn into vast expanse of parched wasteland for them, with the new curbs in place.

The government is currently working out a proposal to introduce new rules to curb immigrants’ rights to settle down permanently in the UK. The intention is to break the link between working and settling in Britain.

For the purpose, the Conservative Party-led coalition government is all set to give a go by a rule that gives foreign workers the right to live permanently in Britain, after working here for five years. It will also limit the rights of their family to join them.

Now, why would someone still want to come to the UK?

The foreign professionals, chasing the Euro dream, have been eying the UK with the hope of settling down permanently in the country after putting in certain years of service.
Once the incentive is taken away from them, would they still be looking forward to their stint in the UK?
What will make things particularly bad for the foreign workers is the curbs on the family route.
The Home Office is looking at limiting the right of immigrants’ spouses to a British passport, if they stay here long enough. Not many want to stay away from their families for long. The action is bound to act as a deterrent.

The Government must realise the economies of the third world countries are improving to the benefit of the professionals and other workers. There are enough job opportunities, promotion avenues, and money, for the them in their own countries.
Already it is an open secret in India and some other Asian countries that the  professionals, who went abroad, are coming back. Can the UK afford to lose them? The UK needs to ask itself. After all, their contribution to the economy is an open secret.        

UK to curb immigrant rights to settle permanently

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