Immigrants are ‘responsible’ people — they are held responsible for everything wrong

Much has been said against immigration; and the migrants. In fact, the migrant class has, over the years, been relegated to the position of a punching bag; critics literally punch the bag every now and then without really even thinking because it is here to be hit.  

The immigrants and the asylum seekers have, rather, become a butt of criticism. Right from housing problems to somewhat ailing medical services, the immigrants have been held responsible.

That’s right! Immigrants are ‘responsible’ people — they are held responsible for whatever, wherever, goes wrong.

But its high time the critics spare a moment and look at the research and studies being conducted on the role of immigrants.

A new study suggests one in five bosses in the north west relies on migrant workers for the purposes of plugging in the skills gaps in their workforce.

The poll of company bosses makes it abundantly clear that three in 10 hire workers from abroad as they are best placed to do the job.

Now, this may be against the coalition government's calls to hire British workers. But, the fact remains they are here because they are needed.

Carried out by Close Invoice Finance, the survey goes on to show most migrants were employed in the south east the region – in fact they comprise 39 per cent of the workforce.

Ian Steward of Close Invoice Finance said: "In the current economic climate, businesses are struggling on many levels, not least in terms of cash flow, and migrant workers offer many new sectors a level of workforce flexibility to enable them to survive."

And, if you still have any doubts go through the Prime Minister’s assertion. Acknowledging the immense contribution made by the British Hindus and the British Indian community, David Cameron said the Hindus and  the Indians have excelled in every sphere and brought cultures and communities much closer.

In a statement issued, in connection with Diwali celebrations, from his 10, Downing Street office-cum residence, Prime Minister Cameron said: ""As well as celebrating Diwali, which is so important to British Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, we should also recognise and celebrate the immense contribution the British Hindu and the British Indian community make to our country. In every single sphere you have excelled, bringing our cultures and communities much closer together”.

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