Immigration is a matter of demand and supply

Foreigner workers are here, because the UK needs them

18th August 2011: Foreigner workers are here, because the UK needs them. Give them a fair share.
The migrants have so often been blamed for taking away the jobs from the locals. In fact, they have often found themselves in the line of fire for the increasing unemployment among the natives.

But what most critics of immigration too often forget is that immigration is a matter of demand and supply.

They are here because the UK is finding it tough to do away with them. There is a demand for the foreign workers and that’s why so many of them are legally here — doing almost everything, right from working in the salons and restaurants to performing surgeries in the hospitals and taking care of the patients.
Their contribution to the economy can be gauged from the fact that foreign workers are gaining employment at a far greater rate than people born in the UK. The number of foreign nationals in employment has increased by 166,000 over the three months to June. On the other hand, the number of UK nationals in job increased by just 71,000.
It is, on the face of it, wrong to even suggest the migrants land up with jobs because they are cheap to hire. The fact remains that their presence in offices, shops, restaurants and malls reflects complete lack of skills among UK citizens.

Even the observes have now gone on to admit that employers are constrained to import labour from other countries.
In fact, Lord McFall of Alcluith, the former MP and chairman of the Treasury select committee, has minced no words to say the increase in the number of foreign born workers brings to fore the lack of skills in the UK population. “With the rise of China and India, this is a warning that the education and skills agenda needs greater focus,” he has asserted.


By Monika


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