Immigrations are punching bags; eventually they will be blamed for riots

British riots give rise to anti-migrant apprehensions 16th August 2011: Immigrants are not punching bags. They cannot be blamed for everything that ever goes wrong.
British riots have given rise to anti-migrant apprehensions.  

The reasons behind the riots are very different. The list is almost endless. It includes lack of employment opportunities, sleaze, social and economic exclusion and huge deficit budget due to the country’s participation in foreign military operations

Some locals in east London insist the wealth gap between the rich and the poor is the primary cause of the riots.

But eventually, it may all come down to the immigrants.

Over the years, it has become apparent that the migrants are the most preferred punching bags. Wherever, whatever goes wrong, it’s the foreigners who get the blame.

The apprehensions being expressed regarding the security and safety of the immigrants following the riots provides a testimony to this effect.

It is already clear that the unrestrained indulgence in violence which wreaked havoc on the UK was multi-ethnic and multi-racial, with the rioters and looters wearing hoods ransacked stores and homes.

Everywhere you looked, you saw clouds of smoke rising from stores, cars and houses set afire. Even the television showed footage of smashed windowpanes and broken glasses, as youngsters used Twitter and text messages to organize the riots and beat the police.
Already some murmurs can be heard that the rioting was a result of too much immigration — an allegation unsubstantiated and uncalled for.

Eventually, the police will bring the situation under control, but the wounds will take a long time to heal. And what will take even longer is the scars to go away.

The riots are bound to affect the UK’s global image. Immigrants too will remain affected. Chances are that the people will eventually forget the real cause of trouble and again blame immigration for all this.   

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