Labour don’t take a U-turn on immigration

Migrants add threads of diversity to social fabric, contribute to economy

19th July 2011:
After making the UK a more diverse place to live in by adopting a not-so-stringent approach towards immigration, Labour has taken a U-turn.
Ed Miliband’s top adviser, Lord Maurice Glasman, has called for a total freeze on all new immigrants.

His assertion is significant as three million migrants were allowed in during Labour’s Blair-Brown years.

It is not clear whether Lord Glasman’s views are strictly his own. For Miliband has reacted by saying: “The right solution is to provide a firm immigration policy”, while a party official said his views are his own.

In any case, what Lord Glasman has apparently been ignoring is that the immigrants not only make the UK a better place to live in by adding the threads of diversity to the social fabric, but also do all your works.

Right from giving the natives beauty treatment, to cooking scrumptious food for them, working in the hospitals, taking them around in the cabs and even producing veggies, they work in foreign lands away from home for a few pounds.
It’s high time their contribution to the social fabric, art and culture and the economy is recognised.   

Lord Glasman’s assertion on closing the borders is, no wonder, somewhat misplaced.

He has asserted: “We have to put the people in this country first.”; and has made it clear that he wants EU rules redrawn for stopping the stream of eastern Europeans into the country.

His statement makes it clear that he wants to extend the freeze to Europe by going further  away from PM David Cameron’s promise to bring the numbers down from 200,000 a year to “tens of thousands” by limiting non-EU workers.


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