Migrants in UK are the employers’ choice

`Boost in jobs to 29m due to rise in employment of non-UK nationals’

12th August 2010: Migrant workers are apparently the employers’ choice.



Official figures reveal new jobs in Britain hopped up to a 21-year high; three-quarters of them went to the immigrants.

It is now clear that unemployment fell at its fastest rate for three years; and immigrants made the most of the opportunity, contributing in the process to the country’s economy.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling says the boost in the number of UK jobs to 29m is largely driven by a rise in the employment of non-UK nationals.

Describing the figures as a reflection of a small step in the right direction, he adds the government, however, does not underestimate the scale of the economic challenge it faces.

The fact there are still 5m people on out-of-work benefits brings to fore the scale of Britain’s welfare challenge.

The report from the Office for National Statistics shows more than 184,000 jobs were churned up between April and June, as the number of jobless dipped by 49,000 to 2.46million. A substantial number of jobs were also part-time.

But the employment boon may be short lived, as the Coalition Government’s spending cuts begin.

It is apprehended that more than 600,000 public sector workers will to lose their jobs over the next five years. This is expected to result in unemployment total heading towards 3m.

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King, 62, believes the growth would be slower than expected, with the UK economy facing an uneven recovery over the next two years.

Statistically speaking, even now there are 264,000 households in the UK where no-one has ever worked. The number of people out of work for more than a year is up 33,000 to a 13-year high of 796,000.

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