Open the doors; Only high levels of immigration will ensure economic growth



The critics speaking against immigration are not going to like this one. But, the fact is that the Office of Budget Responsibility has confirmed what so many people have been saying, but the critics have been vehemently denying.

Only high levels of immigration will ensure economic growth in the UK.

The assertion comes at a time when the economies world wide are struggling hard to come out of the slump and find a strong foothold.

And, if what the office is saying is to be relied upon, the government needs to do some real rethinking regarding its policies of stemming the constant flow of immigrants.

So open the gates. Let them in. Job opportunities and incomes will regulate their numbers, even without oppressive curbs.

Just for records, the Office for Budget Responsibility in its report in June last year also had made it clear that Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to restrict immigration into the UK would have a huge impact on the economic growth.

The report had indicated that immigration policy would also lead to a long-term decline in the UK’s economic potential.

The key paragraph in the report stated: Our estimate is that trend output will grow at 2.35 per cent over the next three years, slowing to 2.1 per cent from 2014 on as demographic changes reduce the growth of the potential labour supply.

It is already clear that the Government is closing doors on economic prosperity by keeping the foreigners out.

It is apprehended the UK will lose its sheen for the foreign workers; and the greener pastures will soon turn into vast expanse of parched wasteland for them, with the new curbs in place.

The government has been working out proposals to introduce new rules to curb immigrants' rights to settle down permanently in the UK. The intention is to break the link between working and settling in Britain.


The Government must realise the economies of the third world countries are improving to the benefit of the professionals and other workers. There are enough job opportunities, promotion avenues, and money, for the them in their own countries.

Already it is an open secret in India and some other Asian countries that the  professionals, who went abroad, are coming back. Can the UK afford to lose them? The UK needs to ask itself. After all, their contribution to the economy is an open secret.      

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