“Black players in the UK can play a key role in fighting racism in football”

Carla Palmer says that their silence makes it possible for racism to thrive in football

"The time has come in football for black players to use their influence to make a stand against racism in the game. There has been a lot of discussion in the media about racism recently. From issues relating to racist abuse of black players to controversy over the lack of black managers the issue of racism is clearly not going to leave football any time soon."

"The problem has been a feature of football for many years. The strangest thing about the whole issue is how quiet the black players have remained about the matter. It has to be asked how much the majority of black players are actually disturbed by the racist treatment they receive by fellow players, officials and fans."

"Have they accepted racism as an inevitable feature of the game that cannot be changed? Have they given up trying to fight for their rights to be treated with respect? Or do they fear taking action in case they lose their jobs? Whilst there have been some players who have spoken up about racism and lent their support to campaigns and initiatives to eradicate racism, most of the players seem content to play on regardless. On top of that they appear to be reluctant to speak out about it openly."

This is an excerpt of an exclusive interview she granted The AfroNews. Read more and have your say: Black players must stand up against racism

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