The number of Romanians behind bars in Britain: strange figures


Romanians rank 3rd place according to the The Sun; 10th place in the same year for the Daily Mail. Someone explain.


28 February 2011. The number of Romanians jailed in Britain rose from 180 in 2004 to 880 in 2009, while the total number of Eastern Europeans in prisons in the country increased by 850% in five years, claims The Sun newspaper.

The total number of foreigners detained in Britain during 2004 – 2009 increased from 8355 to 12,408, a hike of 48.5%.

worst_offenders_the_sun.jpgOne in ten foreign nationals incarcerated every year are Polish, according to the data obtained by The Sun. If 99 Poles were imprisoned in 2004, five years later their number had risen to 1240 – which means a 1153% increase, the statistics show.

In total 883 Lithuanians were imprisoned in 2009, compared to only 105 in 2004; and 326 Latvians in 2009 compared with 23 five years ago. The number of Romanians jailed increased from 180 in 2004 to 880 in 2009.

The Sun sums this up with: "The number of East Europeans imprisoned increased by 850% in 5 years".

The tabloid quoted a spokesman TaxPayers’ Alliance spokeswoman, who said, "The number of foreigners who come to the country, commit crime and then stay here in prison at the taxpayers’ expense is worrying. They are a burden."

Who is lying?

Last year in January, the Daily Mail published another set of statistics, referred to 2009, on foreign detainees.

worst_offenders_daily_mail.jpgThe Daily Mail list put Romanians at 10th place with 357 detainees (compared to the 3rd third place with 880 on the list of The Sun).

 "Labour’s open door immigration policy has turned Britain’s jails into a ‘United Nations of crime’ – holding inmates from 160 countries," wrote the Daily Mail on 27 January 2010.

Top 10 list of detainees according to the Daily Mail: Jamaica first (963), then Nigeria (752), Ireland (647), Vietnam (620), Poland (617), China (472), Somalia (463), Pakistan (445), India (368) and Romania (357).

The same statistics appeared in several newspapers, as the figures weere obtained by the Conservatives, at that time opposition party.

Romanians rank 3rd place according to the The Sun; 10th place in the same year for the Daily Mail. Someone explain.

By Sorin Cehan
Ziarul Romanesc


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