UK International Students Association’s comment to announced student visa changes

"We oppose these draconian, unfair and uncalled for changes and will keep lobbying for the fairer system".

24 March 2001. The International Students Association UK has published a statement concerning the changes affecting international student visas.

Hereafter the statement from UK ISA.

"Home Secretary Theresa May has announced major reform of student visa system on 22 March 2011.

"The  reform can be summarised as follows:

1. PSW visa will be closed from April 2012.

2. Only 'Highly Trusted Sponsors' and accredited by statutory education bodies will be allowed to sponsor the international students from April 2012.

3. International students have no right to work except those studying in the universities and public funded colleges in future.

"We oppose these draconian, unfair and uncalled for changes and will keep lobbying for the fairer system.

"As we have concluded from our petition, all the major industry stake holders including Universities UK, UKCISA, NUS opposed the proposal.

"We still stand for the fair immigration system for students and understand that government must not include Int. students under the controlled immigration.  

"We support the second point that only “Highly trusted sponsors” will be able to recruit the international students and urge the government to make transitional arrangements for the existing students for PSW visa.

"Third point also reflects a conflict with the 2nd point that if government will issue visa's only to students of “Highly trusted sponsors” as they will keep track of the quality of these institutions than why they are differentiating these institutions from universities and public funded colleges in terms of right to work."

  Click here for ISA UK petition.

  Click here for summary of the student policy.



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