Queen’s speech 2008

Her Majesty outlined 14 government bills, immigration included

04 December 2008. In a seven-minute statement, at the State Opening of Parliament, Her Majesty outlined 14 government bills designed to show the government was "committed to helping families and businesses through difficult times".

The Queen said: "A bill will be brought forward to strengthen border controls, by bringing tougether customs and immigration powers. The bill will also ensure that newcomers to the United Kingdom earn the right to stay. My goverment is comitted to ensure that everyone has a fair chance in life."

"My government will bring forward a bill to promote equality, to fight discrimination," resumed Her Majesty.

The borders, immigration and citizenship bill is due to end the automatic right to stay in Britain after five years residence and replace with a new system of "earned citizenship".

Here you can listen the Queen’s speech and watch the outstanding performance by the Members of Parliament – mixed colours, races, orders.

Link to the full video of Queen’s speech 2008

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