Almost all UKBA customers to apply online for UK visa by 2013/14

Almost all UK Border Agency customers will apply online for a UK visa by 2013/14.


The assertion came as the border force announced changes to the handling of UK visa applications in Uganda.

The UKBA said all applications for a UK visa from 16 November 2011 `must be completed using online application system before going to the visa application centre in Kampala to submit a printed copy of the application form and biometric data — fingerprints and photograph.

The border agency made it clear that appointments to submit applications at the visa application centre must be booked online when completing the online application form.

It added: `The visa application centre in Kampala will only accept applications from those who have applied and booked an appointment online. A ‘drop in’ service at the visa application centre will only be available to genuine emergency/time sensitive cases’.

The UKBA added: `This is part of a wider change to allow almost all our customers to apply for their visas online by 2013/14’.




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