Another change! From 16 January, UK visa applicants in Brunei will to pay online

From 16 January 2012, all UK visa applicants in Brunei will be required to pay for their visa online, as part of the online application process using either a Visa card or Mastercard.


In addition to credit cards, this includes debit cards and pre-paid cards, bearing the Visa and Mastercard logos. The Border Force made it clear: `Other methods of payment will not be accepted from this date’.

The UK Border Agency said: `Once customers have applied and paid for their visa online they will still need to visit the British High Commission to submit their documents and provide their biometrics — fingerprints and digital photograph. Appointments to attend the British High Commission should be booked online on completion of the online application form.

`The online payments will provide a more streamlined visa application process for customers and is part of a wider move to allow almost all of our customers to apply and pay for their visas online by 2013-14’.

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