Asylum seekers reaching UK via Greece can stay back for time being

UKBA places under suspension a migrant-return scheme
24th December 2010: The UK Border Agency has placed under suspension a migrant-return scheme after an Afghan asylum seeker threw a challenge to the move to send him back to Greece – the country through which he gained entry to the EU.
The migrant-return scheme is expected to remain under suspension until the legal challenge is heard by the EU’s Court of Justice. The entire process can take as much as least two years.

As a consequence, more than 1,300 men, women and children, who came to Britain for seeking asylum under the soft-touch system rather than tougher rules existing in Greece, are likely to benefit.

Greece reportedly refuses 99 per cent of asylum pleas, but releases failed applicants and permits them to travel on to another country.

The Afghan asylum seeker claimed he would not be treated fairly in Greece, keeping in view the high rejection rate.

The information that the UK Border Agency has placed under suspension the scheme came to light after the Court of Appeal passed the legal challenge to the system on to the European Union’s Court of Justice.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said they have taken the decision to consider these cases through the UK asylum system rather than waiting for a European Court decision that could take up to two years to conclude.

This will substantially reduce the amount of time those with no legitimate claims live here at the cost of the British taxpayer.

Reacting to the developments, Gerard Batten MEP and UKIP’s immigration spokesman said illegal immigrants just have to say they came via Greece and the UK has to look after them. The trafficking gangs already know this and are instructing their cargos what to say on arrival.

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