Be vigilant to avoid being removed over festive period


Immigration experts at DBS Law have warned immigrants to be vigilant over the festive period, as this is traditionally the time of the year when the Home Office removes foreign nationals making applications to remain in the UK, because their legal representatives are unavailable. 

The advice from DBS Law includes making sure paper work is up to date and emergency numbers are close at hand. The biggest fear for clients who have an application pending is that they will be seized when they go to sign on with the immigration service, detained and removed between Christmas and New Year. 


The most in jeopardy are immigrant men or women with young children born in the UK, as they are the most likely to have an application to remain succeed under normal circumstances. 
“Removing an individual over the Christmas period when many representatives are unavailable helps the government towards annual targets, that's why it's an attractive option for Home Office officials,” Sejal Karavadra, Head of Immigration at DBS Law, said. 
DBS are advising clients to ensure that they have an application lodged with the UKBA for leave to remain in the UK. This should be sent with documentation that shows that they have established a life in the UK. They should also keep a copy of the acknowledgement letter from the Home Office with them to prove they have an application under consideration if they are stopped and questioned, to avoid detention. 
Unlike most legal firms, DBS operates a service during the Christmas period and will be available to assist clients. 

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