Biometric enrollment service now at your doorstep

Available to immigrants applying to extend ‘leave to remain’ in UK

5th April 2010: From Tuesday 6 April, you will not be required to move out of your way for getting your biometric information enrolled, while applying for extension of ‘leave to remain’ in the UK.
For the UK Border Agency is launching a new service for customers applying to extend their permission to stay, also known as ‘leave to remain’, in the UK.

The super premium service will provide a high level of customer service and convenience. The UKBA said the officers will visit a location chosen by the customer to enroll their biometric information — fingerprints and photograph.

Initially, the service will be available to customers located in London and the south of England. At a later date it will be extended to cover all of the UK.

The super premium service is available to people applying to extend their stay in the UK under one of the categories — Tier 2 and Tier 4 of the points-based system; and categories using application forms FLR (M), FLR(BID) and FLR(BUS).

All the two categories require the applicant to obtain an identity card for foreign nationals (ICFN) as part of their application to extend their stay.

You can also use the service if you are applying to transfer your residence permit to a new passport using application form TOC.

The super premium service is not currently available to customers applying for an extension under a non-ICFN category, or applying for permanent residency or citizenship.

The fee for the new service is £15,000 per application, which includes any fees relating to dependants. The key features of the service are customers can have their biometrics enrolled at a location of their choosing, including their home or business premises; customers can arrange a visit at a time and date of their choosing, subject to certain conditions.

The UKBA will make a decision on the application within 24 hours of the visit, if all the requirements are met.

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