Biometric enrolment facilities now at 17 post offices in UK

Postal applicants need not visit 11 enrolment centres. Currently available to applicants sent invites.

22 December 2009:
Getting identify cards is turning a lot more easier. The Home Office has claimed that identity cards for foreign nationals programme has reached another milestone, with the roll-out of biometric enrolment facilities to 17 post offices around the UK.

The Home Office claimed the facilities have been introduced over the past few weeks with a view to increase the options available to migrants, who need to enroll their biometrics, fingerprints and photograph, when they make an application to the UK Border Agency.

This process is now complete, giving postal applicants in certain postcodes the option to use one of these post offices. instead of the 11 Home Office biometric enrolment centres nationwide.

Biometric enrolment at the 17 post offices is a walk-in service, with no need to book an appointment. However, it is currently available only to applicants, who have been sent an invitation to use it. Applicants, who use the service will need to pay an additional fee of £8.00 to Post Office Ltd.

From 6 January 2010, skilled workers who want to extend their stay under Tier 2 of the points-based system will need to have their fingerprints and photographs taken before the Border Agency makes a decision on their application.

Successful applicants and their dependants will receive identity cards for foreign nationals, fixing their identities and helping to prevent illegal immigration and illegal working.

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