Biometric residence permits must for immigrants wanting to stay for more than 6 months

Applying to stay here for more than six months, obtain a biometric residence permit



From Wednesday 29 February, all applicants in the UK will need to obtain a biometric residence permit, if they are applying to stay here for more than six months.

The UK Border Agency said for obtaining a permit, they will need to enroll their biometric information.

If you are applying in the UK on or after this date, whether applying by post, in person or online, you should use the correct application form. The applicants have also been asked to pay careful attention to the date shown on the cover of the application form.

`If you are applying in person at one of our public enquiry offices under our premium service, and you have booked an appointment on or after 29 February, you must bring the correct form with you to avoid delay’, the Border Force said.



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