Bright, better immigrants to find their way in UK: Green

As per the new plans Britain will give precedence to the brightest and the finest immigrants. The new policy is expected to give special treatment to investors, entrepreneurs and world-class artists, dancers, musicians and academics.

The Immigration Minister asserted the plan is a part of cutting the number of foreigners settling in the UK. The Immigration Minister Damian Green this week is expected to give a rough idea of the principles behind the Government's new "selective" immigration policy.

Under the proposed reforms lesser number but improved immigrants will be allowed to settle in the UK. But those who are short of skills to help take further economic growth or contribute to UK culture will face greater scrutiny.

Green said that what they required was a system that went out to look out for those people who either were going to create jobs or wealth. They were also looking for people who would add to the high-level artistic and cultural aspirations the country had.

He asserted that getting the number down was the definite key but what he was aiming was fewer and better.The Conservative MP said those wanting to stay in Britain would have to show authentic serious value to British society and even establish that they were not totally reliant on assistance.

The MP asserted that they wanted permanently to make Britain the most appealing country in the world for the brightest and the most excellent. He added the period of mass immigration was over.

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