Bulgarians, Romanians look out for new forms for authorisation to work


UKBA publishes updated versions of BR1 application form for self-employed persons and students

21 June 2011: Bulgarian or Romanian nationals wanting to apply for authorisation to work in the UK remember to apply on new forms.



The UK Border Agency has published updated versions of our BR1 application form and policy guidance to be used by Bulgarian or Romanian nationals who want to apply for authorisation to work in the UK.

You can download the new form here:
pdficon_small.gifForm BR1 (Registration Certificate)

The UKBA said: `The new versions have been published to clarify the types of documentary evidence required for self-employed persons and students. We have also included a new requirement to provide evidence of having comprehensive sickness insurance.

`The revised form and guide, version 06/2011, should be used for all applications made on or after 20 June 2011.

For guidance on immigration rules for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals, read the following guides:

Coming to work in the UK: rules for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals

Self-employed: rules to work in the UK for Bulgarians and Romanians

Each guide is published also in Romanian. Please see the links inside the article.


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