Changes to Tier 4 come into effect


Forms for Tier 4 -General, child, dependants revised



ukba.jpg05 July 2011: The changes to the Tier 4 – the student tier – of the points-based system came into effect from July 4. The UK Border agency claims the aim of the amended rules is to deliver a strong migration system which tackles immigration abuse, while allowing genuine students to study at authentic colleges.

Restricted work entitlements, by only allowing students sponsored by higher education institutions (HEIs) and publicly funded further education colleges to work part-time during term time and full-time during vacations are among some of the changes to the student visa system.

It also included restricted sponsorship of dependants to those of students sponsored by HEIs on postgraduate courses lasting 12 months or longer, and of government-sponsored students on courses lasting longer than 6 months.

UKBA asserts as per the amended system the institutions require to confirm that courses represent genuine academic progression from any previous courses studied by the student in the UK and create a streamlined application process for low-risk nationals sponsored by Highly Trusted sponsors.

UKBA have revised the application forms for Tier 4 (General), Tier 4 (child) and dependants under the points-based system. The new versions of these forms would be used with immediate effect.

The changes to the Immigration Rules were laid in Parliament on 13 June. The latest revisions follow the changes to the immigration rules were announced by the Home Secretary in a statement to Parliament on March 22.

As per the Immigration Rules, UKBA will continue to accept applications made on the previous version of each form up to and including 24 July.  From July 4, UKBA will consider all applications under the current Immigration Rules, regardless of the application form that was used.

UKBA has also updated the studying in the UK section of this website with current information for Tier 4 migrants, including changes to their right to bring their dependants to the UK.

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