Check what food you can, and cannot, bring back to the UK


Food Widget online food travel checker launched suitcase.pngIf you plan to travel outside the EU this summer, you can now easily check what food you can, and can’t, bring back to the UK, with the new Food Widget – an online food travel checker.

The Food Widget recently launched by Food and Farming Minister Jane Kennedy, is on the DirectGov website.

It is an online quick reference checker to see examples of three foods you can safely bring back from popular destinations – and examples of three foods you can’t bring back.

Once can then click through to a more comprehensive list of which food items are allowed and which are prohibited.

Diseases like Foot and Mouth Disease and Bird Flu can be brought into the UK via food products (particularly those containing meat or milk), which can have a devastating impact on UK’s farming industry and crops and the environment.

Ms. Kennedy said: "No one wants to end their holiday being delayed as sniffer dogs indicate concealed food and their bags are searched, having the food they’ve brought home confiscated, or even facing prosecution for breaking the law. br>
"The rules are there to reduce the risk of diseases and pests entering the UK – they can have a devastating impact on our farming industry and even risk public health. br>
"Anyone planning to bring food back from outside the EU should check before they travel, or while they’re on holiday, to make sure anything they’re planning to bring back is within the law – which is easy to do from anywhere in the world by logging onto DirectGov.

"And if you’re in any doubt at all – don’t bring it back."

New EU rules covering the personal import of animal products such as meat, dairy and fish took effect on 1st May. There is no change to the ban on imports of meat and dairy products from most countries outside the EU, but some changes to the amounts of other animal products which are permitted, including certain fishery products, eggs, infant food and caviar.

The new food checker is available at:


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