Come 19 December, asylum, immigration appeals will be lodged at tribunal in UK

Come 19 December, foreigners will be required to lodge their appeals asylum and immigration at the tribunal in the UK. The Border Force will no longer accept appeals at any of its overseas visa application centres.


The Ministry of Justice will also be introducing appeal fee charges for some asylum and immigration appeals from 19 December 2011.

The UK Border Agency said: `People who want to appeal against a decision notice dated 19 December 2011 or later will need to pay a fee. The appeal fee will apply to most categories of visas and decisions. Any exemptions to the fees will be outlined by the Ministry of Justice. This will not affect any decision notices that are dated before 19 December.

`Also, from 19 December people will need to lodge their appeals at the tribunal in the UK. We will no longer accept appeals at any of our overseas visa application centres.

For full guidance about the changes, you will have to wait till 19 December 2011, when it will be published.


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