Delays expected at Warsaw, Stockholm, UK, Istanbul visa centres

`We are making every effort to minimise delays’: UKBA

23rd April 2010:
The UK Border Agency has warned the travellers and customers of delays at Warsaw, Stockholm, UK and Istanbul visa processing centres.

The UKBA said they were making every effort to minimise any delays, but it would take time for the situation for visa operation to return to normal in some areas.

Giving reasons, it said the flight cancellations have caused disruption to courier schedules, leading to delays in transporting passports and visa applications to and from our processing centres in Europe.

Elaborating, it said: Customers may still experience delays at Warsaw. This was affecting visa applications from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Stockholm centre was affecting visa applications from Norway and Helsinki. All visa decisions would be delayed by up to one week.

In UK centre, it was affecting visa applications from Algeria and Pakistani settlement applications only, while at Istanbul center it was affecting visa applications from Tel Aviv.

The UKBA said: There may also be delays at our visa processing centre in Belgrade. This would affect visa applications from Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia.

It added some UK airports have been receiving inbound flights from, while many passengers were continuing to return to the UK by ferry or rail.

At peak times there would be a large number of passengers coming through air and sea ports.

The UKBA was working with ports, airports, airlines and ferry companies to ensure passengers could pass quickly through the border. They were also manning as many passport desks as possible.

All arrivals would undergo usual passport, and where appropriate customs, checks. “We are doing everything possible to speed the onward journey of travellers, however, we ask that passengers accept that there may be some queues, which we will try to keep to a minimum”.


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