Earn £31,000 annually, or get out: UK’s new message to immigrants

The immigrants from outside the European Union may possibly be asked to go away, if they earn a smaller amount than £31,000 per annum.


Immigration Minister Damian Green, who represents Ashford, had rolled out the plans last week. He wants to end the supposition that settlement is an option for all.

On the proposal of Home Office advisers, Green is coming up with plans for a minimum salary of between £31,000 and £49,000 to meet the criteria to stay in the UK. The purpose is that the “right people” should be attracted to UK.

The idea has been generally welcomed by Dover MP Charlie Elphicke. The Immigration Minister, in a speech to the Policy Exchange in London, referred to a report by the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

As per the report there were up to 23 fewer jobs for British workers for every additional 100 working migrants coming from outside the EU.

He asserted that importing economic reliance on the state was unacceptable.

As per the new plans Britain is expected to give precedence to the brightest and the finest immigrants. The new policy is expected to give special treatment to investors, entrepreneurs and world-class artists, dancers, musicians and academics.

 The Immigration Minister had recently asserted the plan is a part of cutting the number of foreigners settling in the UK.



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