End of Asylum and Immigration Tribunal?

Immigration appeals to be transferred into the unified tribunal system
11th May 2009: The Government plans to transfer the functions of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal into the First-tier and Upper Tribunal, the Minister of State for Borders and Immigration Phil Woolas has said.

The minister said the transfer is aimed at ensuring “that the system is fairer and faster, and that its decisions are respected and final.”

He further said: “This will mean replacing the existing High Court review stage with an appeal to the Upper Tribunal, which will speed up the process significantly. The pressure on the Administrative Court will also be dramatically reduced, which will free up time to deliver justice for other users of the court.”

According to Mr. Woolas, the new “measures will ensure that 90 per cent of asylum applications have either been granted or have exhausted their appeal rights within 18 weeks. This is a significant improvement over the current system, where it can take up to 42 weeks for cases to reach this stage.”

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