Going gets tougher for immigrants working illegally in UK

The going is getting tougher for the foreign nationals working illegally and abusing the benefit system. New powers introduced by the Home Office are expected to make it harder for foreign nationals to work illegally and abuse the benefit system.


In fact, Immigration Minister Damian Green has declared the extension of the Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) system to help challenge immigration misuse by proving a person’s right to work or right to use services in the UK.

The number of foreign nationals given a BRP is expected to double to 400,000 a year.

From June, an online employers inspection service for BRPs will permit employers, and later in the year public authorities, to run real-time checks on whether individuals are entitled to work or access services in the UK.

The Post Office over the next few months will back the expansion by rolling out a nationwide network of biometric enrolment sites. So far 17 sites already facilitate foreign nationals to have fingerprints and photographs taken and 87 additional Post Offices will offer the service by mid-April.

The Post Office will also activate a mobile fingerprint enrolment service which can be used by individuals or businesses who want to pay to list biometric information.

The permits hold a person’s fingerprints and photograph on a secure chip. This means a simple and quick check can be made with the information on the chip against an individual’s work and benefits entitlements.

The development of the system to include refugees and those given the right to live here permanently will mean that all non-European Economic Area nationals applying to remain in the UK for more than six months will now be covered by the compulsory permits.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said that this would help make sure only those with the right to be here can take a job legally in the UK and enjoy the services to which they are entitled.

‘The new measures are a deterrent to all foreign nationals who are looking to exploit the UK for personal gain by breaking the law,’ he added.



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