Government reviewing right of appeal against family visitor visa refusal

You can have your say on the issue by participating in consultation

14th July 2011: For `reducing the financial burden on the taxpayer’, and deliver `an appropriate system for applicants’, the government is reviewing this right of appeal. At present, anyone who is refused a family visitor visa has the right of appeal.
Giving details, the UK Border Agency said: `Appeals based on grounds of race discrimination and the European Convention on Human Rights will continue to be allowed, but the government is inviting views on whether an appeal right should be retained for family visitor visas in other circumstances.

`In 2009-10, these appeals – which were often based on new information which should have been submitted with the original application – made up approximately 40 per cent of all immigration appeals and cost around £40 million.

You can have your say on the issue by taking part in the family migration consultation. The consultation was announced by Damian Green this morning in a written ministerial statement.

The consultation is part of the government’s major overhaul of the immigration system. It follows the changes that have already been made to the work and study routes, and the ongoing consultation on settlement rights.

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