Guernsey’s Home Department announces new immigration fees

Guernsey's Home Department has declared new immigration fees for non-European Economic Area nationals wanting to stay in the Bailiwick. The fees will come in to force on 2 February 2012.

 The fees for immigration vary according to the immigration category. For Indefinite Permission to remain the fees amount is – £972 (£486 for dependents), for limited permission to remain – £550 (£275) and for new visa stamp for a renewed passport it is – £216 (£108).

The charges will be for anyone desiring to apply for limited or indefinite permission to remain visas, which will be transferable to the UK.

Rob Prow, chief of the Guernsey Border Agency, said: "The fees help to reduce the charge to the public purse." People who have obtained similar visas in the UK will not be made to pay.

 Prow further asserted: "The Home Department considers that it is reasonable that those who benefit most from using the immigration system should help to fund it."

He added: "The Home Department was confident that these charges were not out of line with prices charged in the UK and other Islands."

The charges are set at the same level as the UK's postal application visa fees. A person wishing to apply for "indefinite permission to remain" in Guernsey will be charged £972, and £486 for any dependents. Meanwhile, a "limited permission to remain" visa will cost £550.

Prow told BBC News: "Immigration permission was entirely separate from the Housing Control laws in Guernsey … and does not affect a person's requirement to comply with those laws."

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