Here are the changes to UK Immigration Rules

A number of key changes to UK’s Immigration Rules have just come into effect.

Home Office said that the changes which came into effect on 1st October 2013, offer greater flexibility for businesses and workers.

Under the new rules, the English language requirement has been removed for intra-company transferees.

The government has now made it easier for graduate entrepreneurs to switch into Tier 2.

Share ownership restrictions for senior staff earning £152,100 or more has been waived.

The new rules allow some students to work as interns under the Tier 5 government authorised exchange scheme.

Tourists and business visitors will now be allowed to do some study where it is not the main purpose of their visit. The government has at the same time increased the permissible activities a business visitor can undertake in the UK.

The prospective student route, which Immigration Minister Mark Harper earlier on described as “anomalous”, has been removed because it is little used.

Hong-Kong has been added to the list of participating countries and territories on the UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme.

The rules for dependants in the Points Based System and other work routes have also been changed to allow dependants to apply from within the UK, providing they are not in the UK illegally, as visitors, or on temporary admission or temporary release. The dependants will, however, still need to satisfy all other existing requirements.

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