How to book easy and fast appointments with the UK Border Agency

The Border Agency introduces on-line booking of appointments

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19th September 2009: You can now book your appointments online also. It is a fast, simple and convenient way of securing an appointment slot, allowing you to book when it suits you and freeing up the Home Office contact centre agents for other calls. Online booking is in addition to the existing telephone booking service.
You can now go online to book your appointment if you want to apply in person and get a same-day decision at one of the Border Agency’s seven public enquiry offices. This is called 'premium application', and you will need to pay a higher application fee.
Or else you can go in for on-line booking if you have applied by post, but you need to enroll your biometrics at one of 11 biometric enrolment centres so that you can get an identity card for foreign nationals as part of your immigration application.
It is a part of the UK Border Agency’s endeavor to improve its customer service by offering a flexible new way for applicants to book appointments.
The existing telephone booking service will continue to operate for large family groups of 11 or more applying together, and for people who do not have access to the internet or who just prefer to call.
The service is now live for premium applications. Postal applicants who need to obtain an identity card and whose postal applications are received on or after 18 September will be sent a letter telling them that they can book an appointment online. More information about the online booking system is available on the Booking an appointment page on the Border Agency’s website.

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