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How to challenge a deportation order or immigration removal notice and remain in the UK – VIDEO

Zaidi Solicitors

This video prepared by Zaidi Solicitors, explains the difference between a deportation order and an immigration removal notice.

Zaidi Solicitors are UK Immigration lawyers based in Luton and London. In the video a Solicitor from Zaidi Solicitors says deportation which is defined as Forced Removal, falls into two types: Automatic and Non Automatic deportation.

Zaidi Solicitors“Automatic Deportation,” she says, “happens when a person is given a criminal sentence of over 12 months imprisonment and there is no requirement for the court to recommend a deportation in order for it to take place. In this instance, deportation will take place after completion of the custodial sentence.”

The Solicitor further explains that Non Automatic Deportation “is when a person is sentenced to a criminal sentence of less than 12 months imprisonment and it is decided to be conducive to the public good to deport. In this case deportation takes place after completion of the custodial sentence.”

Administrative Removal, the Solicitor says, takes place “when a person has no leave to remain in the UK and his or her leave to remain application including any asylum claim has been refused and his or her leave to remain or visa has expired.”

Watch the video to discover the procedures involved if one is to challenge any of these orders or notices issued by the Home Office.


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