How to come to the UK, or remain, as post-study worker

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended the continuation of Tier 1 (post-study work) route for migrants wanting to work in the UK after completing a course of study here.

Here is a complete guide on how you can come to the UK or remain here as a post-study worker (Tier 1 post-study work) under our points-based system.

What is the post-study worker category?

The post-study worker category allows the UK to retain the most able international graduates who have studied here. It also enhances the UK’s overall offer to international students.

Post-study workers are free to look for work without having a sponsor for the length of their leave.

The category provides a bridge to highly skilled or skilled work. If you are granted permission to stay as a post-study worker, the Government expects that you will switch into another tier of the points-based system as soon as you are able to.

Who can apply as a post-study worker?

You can apply under the post-study worker category now if you are: In the United Kingdom with permission to stay under the Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme (SEGS), International Graduates Scheme (IGS) or Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme (FT:WISS).

Else, you are in the United Kingdom as a student, which includes students, student nurses, students resitting examinations, and students writing up a thesis, and want to switch into the post-study worker category.

You can go to the Home Office visa services website, if you are applying from outside the UK. There you can find out more about the process in the country you are applying from and download the application forms.

MAC recommends continuation of Tier 1 route for migrants

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