Immigrants lookout! Currency detector dogs are giving professionals a run for their money.

Currency detector dogs are giving the professionals a run for their money.



So, if you are a foreigners bringing in cash illegally, you are all set to be sniffed out.

From two more than a decade ago to 19, their number and achievements have increased, steadily.

The latest feat is hidden £9.9m in cash detected by dogs based at the UK's airports and ports. The cash has been  was seized by the UK Border Agency officials in the last financial year.

One of the dogs, a Labrador Retriever called Buster, works at Gatwick Airport. He is one of 19 specially trained currency detector dogs, which routinely check passengers and cargo and sniff out suspicious quantities of bank notes.

Gavin Edwards, Buster’s handler, says: 'We ask the passengers how much money they are carrying, depending on what they say, that person is then investigated by another officer. Depending on whether there are any relations to crime, we would then seize the money.'

The Home Office adds: Currency detector dogs were first used in the UK in 1999. Initially two dogs were based at Heathrow Airport to search passengers' baggage and freight leaving the country.


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