Incomplete forms for registration certificates to be turned down

UK Border Agency changing the way of processing pleas by European nationals and families
25th May 2009: Applying under the European law for registration certificates, residence cards, family member residence stamps or confirmation of permanent residence in the United Kingdom? Submit forms complete in all aspects with supporting documents, lest it is rejected.

The UK Border Agency is changing the way it processes applications by European nationals and their families for registration certificates, etc.

From the first of June, the Border Agency will check all applications as soon as these are received. Unless the applicant has completed the application form correctly; and provided the necessary supporting evidence; it will not be accepted as valid under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006.

Applications submitted from families will be rejected in their entirety, unless the necessary supporting evidence has been provided for all of the named applicants.

Releasing a list of dos and don’ts, the Agency says to make sure the application is complete, you must submit it on the current, appropriate, application form; you must provide the required photographs of yourself and family members included in your application, as specified on the application form; you must also provide all the original documents specified on the application form.

The Border Agency says each application form has a section entitled ‘Documents and photographs’, which lists all the supporting evidence you must provide. Complete all sections of the application form as required, and then proceed to sign and date the declaration on the application form.

If you do not make your application in the prescribed manner, with the correct supporting documentation, the agency will refuse your application and return the form.

If your passport is already with the Home Office, you must provide full details, including your Home Office reference number. If you do not provide the details, again your application will be turned down and returned. For further information about these types of application, see “Applying under European law page” on the Border Agency’s website.

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