Intra-company transfer route all set to be changed in three ways

The job has to be on graduate occupation list

17th February 2011: The intra-company transfer route is all set to be changed in three ways.
The UK Border Agency has asserted: `The job will have to be in an occupation on the graduate occupation list; only those paid £40,000 or more will be able to stay for more than a year.

`They will be granted for three years with the possibility of extending for a further two; and those paid between £24,000 and £40,000 will be allowed to come to the UK for no longer than 12 months, at which point they must leave and will not be able to re-apply for 12 months’.

The UKBA has also added intra-company transfer route is not a part of the annual limit. It added: `New details of the government’s radical changes to the work visa route were unveiled by the Home Office, as it laid out the criteria for its annual limit.

`This shake up is part of the government’s new annual limit on non-EU workers, which will take effect on 6 April. At the end of last year the Home Office announced that 20,700 visas will be made available to skilled workers applying through Tier 2 of the points-based system, as well as 1,000 visas under a new exceptional talent route.
`Under the new system, employers will have to apply for a certificate of sponsorship from the UK Border Agency for a specific post if they wish to bring someone to the UK – this is a change from the current system which gives businesses an annual allocation.

`The government has also announced that employers filling a vacancy that attracts a salary of £150,000 or more will not be subject to the limit on the number of certificate of sponsorship that may be allocated.




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