IT skilled immigrants, wanted now

Immigration changes force employers to fill now the gap in their IT skills 14 October 2008. Businesses should act now to fill gaps in their IT skills with highly skilled employers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Otherwise, after the end of November they could face delays and fines of up to £10,000 per illegal worker.

Employers need to apply for sponsorship licences to bring workers into the UK from outside the EEA, a process that will take up to six weeks to complete.

At the end of November Home Office will be launching the skilled worker tier (tier 2), for workers with skills including IT, meaning employers must register as sponsors. The system is designed to ensure British businesses have the skills they need while reassuring citizens that there is not too much immigration.

By now, less than 300 organisations have been granted sponsorship licences. This leaves up to 60,000 employers still to apply, all of which risk breaking the law as soon as December.

If you are concerned about the new immigration points-based system ring the UK Border Agency helpline on 08450106677 or visit 

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